About eGroupWeb.com

eGroupWeb.com is all about making life easier. It's a great way of organizing the different groups of people in your life using the Internet and email. eGroupWeb.com keeps you in touch, helps you to share information, photos, and files. You can manage events, important dates, create a blog (weblog), chat online, place an Ad, and get the Groups opinion using surveys.

As Group manager you can decide who is allowed to add, edit, or delete site content. This gives you the ability to have a website you control or an interactive website allowing members to participate in the site content.

Anyone can set up and run a Group. It's quick and very easy to do!

What are Groups?

eGroupWeb.com combines web-based Group information together with email messaging, keeping Group members updated on urgent or interesting Group issues.

Group Features:

  • Homepage with upcoming events and the latest activity for your Group. You can set up your home page with logos, images, welcome text (or use the welcome text automatically set up by eGroupWeb.com)
  • News area
  • Event calendar (recurring events)
  • Contact information (members and non-members)
  • Photo albums
  • Blog (weblog - online journal)
  • Online chat area
  • File sharing
  • Surveys
  • To Do lists
  • Sign Up sheets
  • Ads
  • links
  • management area (set member permission, bad words filter)
  • Group members can send an email along with file attachments to the Group. You can notify the Group when events, photos, contacts, news, files, surveys, To Do lists, and sign up sheets have been added or updated. Group policies are set up by the Group manager which determines who can add, edit, delete content for the Group. eGroupWeb.com members can create and join as many Groups as they like. There is no limit to the number of members per group. Groups are totally private and can only be accessed by entering a valid email address and password.

    Why should I use eGroupWeb.com?

    Groups are a great way of co-ordinating groups of people. This could be just keeping in touch with your family or organizing a group of friends or colleagues. Groups are also ideal for sports teams, clubs, and associations. Anyone involved with organizing large groups will know just how much work it can be. Now everything can be done with a Group instead, saving endless phone calls and separate emails.

    You don't need to download any software or do any programming, and Group communication can be done just through email or the web or a combination of both. The Group functions are easy to use and understand so you benefit fully from your membership.

    eGroupWeb.com has special features to make Group management completely painless. You can even set up a Group and pass the management to someone else (e.g. a club secretary), making their life easier and the club better organized.

    How does it work?

    Setting up a new Group takes about a minute and you can instantly invite family, friends, colleagues, team members, club members or anyone you would like to join your Group. There is no limit to the number of members you can have in your group. You just enter their email address and eGroupWeb.com does all the work.

    Each Group has its own home page with all the latest Group information on it and the shared Group calendar means you'll never miss another important Group event again.

    Sharing Photos

    Sharing photos with the Group is easy to do. Depending on how permissions are set, members can add their own photo albums and pictures. You control who may add, edit, or delete pictures in photo albums.

    Sharing Information

    Sharing interesting news, contact detail, files and weblinks couldn't be easier. There is a blog area for creating a blog allowing members to post subjects and comments on any topic they choose. You can also place an Ad with pictures for items you are looking for or want to sell, swap, or give away.

    Group Decisions

    Everyone knows how difficult and time consuming making a Group decision can be. Your Group has a survey feature to eliminate time consuming phone calls or multiple emails. The easy to use system lets you set up a survey in which each member can vote. Members can see the total number of votes cast and the votes cast for each option.

    Group Chat

    eGroupWeb.com offers an online chat facility only accessible by Group members. You can create different chat rooms. You can send private messages to chatters in the room. If the Group manager has set the Bad Words filter on profane language will not be posted.

    Event Planning

    eGroupWeb.com offers To Do lists and Sign Up sheets to make planning an event interactive and much easier to do. You can assign tasks to members with due dates. Members can sign up for an event and let the group know what they are bringing.

    Group Privacy

    Groups are private and require members to login using their email address and password, so only members of the Group see content posted on the website.

    Group Management

    As a Group manager you have complete control over Group policies and membership. You decide how members of the Group may add, edit, or delete site content. You can decide who can invite members to join or who can revoke Group membership by removing members.

    The Group Manager can set whether profane language is allowed on the site.

    In any Group the Group manager can appoint new or additional managers, so for large clubs or associations Group management can be shared.

    Group Cost and Storage Space

    eGroupWeb.com charges a nominal fee of $3.95/month per group to host and maintain this website for our users. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Each group has a storage limit of 10GB (pictures, file shares).

    Additional Options
    We use PayPal for it's industry-leading security and fraud prevention. PayPal is easy to use and maximizes your payment options. All payment information is kept solely on the PayPal system and is not available in any way through our system.

    Your Group

    Now you know what eGroupWeb.com is all about, why not try setting one up for yourself? It's very easy and only takes a minute. It could make your life much easier.

    Sign Up and create your own Group. Try it risk free for 30 days.

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